Pax vaporizers Review

The all new portable PAX 2 vaporizer comes not only with a streamlined design, but also a set of stunning features. The battery capacity of the vaporizer is up to 30 percent higher compared to the previous model and to ensure even heating for optimal vapor generation it has been provided with an oven chamber that is deeper. Additionally, this is 25 percent smaller and also 10 percent lighter compared to its predecessor.
This incredible device that comes with four temperature settings provides vape enthusiasts with more options than ever.

pax vaporizers reviewIn addition, the other innovations incorporated into the vaporizer such as motion-sensing, lip-sensing and auto-cooling technologies that help to intelligently self-optimize temperature and power when it is being used make it smarter. The vaporizer can be operated by pressing just one button and it requires only minimal maintenance. This is because it comes with an interface that is not only simple, but also efficient.
The PAX 2 has also been provided with a USB charging dock (magnetic), a non-popup mouthpiece that has been redesigned and a battery that is more efficient as it takes less than one minute to heat up the vaporizer. In addition, the Party Mode has been incorporated into PAX 2 in order to enhance the social experience of its users.

Key Features of New PAX 2 Vaporizer

• It is smaller, sleeker and smarter
• It can be used for aromatic blends
• It is extremely pocket friendly
• The vaporizer comes with 4 optimized, pre-set temperature settings
• The motion sensor enables automatic shutoff
• The filling chamber is made of stainless steel
• The lithium-ion battery provided with dock is of rechargeable type
• PAX 2 comes with a 10-year warranty protection

When you order the new PAX 2 vaporizer, the box that you get will contain one PAX 2 vaporizer, one each of flat and raised interchangeable mouthpieces, magnetic oven lid, one bottle of isopropyl alcohol, a magnetic USB charger and 10 cleaner tools.

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