Pax 2 vaporizer coupon

PAX vaporizer coupon codesHave you wanted to purchase a vaporizer but haven’t wanted to spend your money on a product and shipping on top of it? If so, then this special deal is tailor made for you! If you’ve always wanted a vaporizer but haven’t wanted to shell out for shipping, it’s your lucky day. Now when you buy the fantastic Pax 2 vaporizer, you get free shipping on top of same day shipping! You can get your Pax 2 as fast as possible on top of getting this awesome vaporizer and everything that comes with it.

The Pax 2 is the smaller, sleeker, and smarter version of the original Pax vaporizer. It is pocket friendly and comes with great optimized temperature presets so you never have to manually set the temperature! Better yet, it comes with a motion sensor and automatic shutoff, recognizing when it isn’t being used and shutting off to save power without you having to lift a finger.

Take advantage of the high quality stainless steel filling chamber and its magnetic oven lid while taking advantage of the many great features that makes the Pax 2 so desirable. Get your herbal aromatic blends vaporizing in under a minute with an incredibly fast heat up time. It’s simple and easy to use and even more portable than ever.

If you’re tired of living your life without a quality vaporizer to call your own, it is time to stop falling for gimmicks! Enjoy paying just for your vaporizer knowing that shipping is entirely free. Same day shipping lets you get it as quick as possible so you can start enjoying device sooner rather than later!

Your Pax 2 will show up with two interchangeable mouthpieces, one flat and one raised, a magnetic oven lid and USB charger, a bottle of isopropyl alcohol, ten cleaning tools, and a ten year warranty protection. Don’t miss out on this great deal!

What’s in the Box

  • PAX 2 Vaporizer
  • 2 Interchangeable Top Pieces (1 Flat, 1 Raised)
  • Magnetic Oven Lid
  • Magnetic USB Charger
  • Bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 10 Cleaner Tools
  • *Includes 10-Year Warranty Protection

Get your free and same day shipping on the Pax 2 today!

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