How to use PAX 2 herbal vaporizer

The Pax 2 is a vaporizer with advanced features, a new design, 30% more battery capacity and a deeper oven chamber. Deeper oven chamber heated evenly to get more herbal vapor. It is more compact and lighter in weight as compared original. This best herbal Vaporizer heats powdered fragrant very fast as to discharge pleasant and ample vapor, It is a handy and pocket vaporizer that comes in premium quality.

What sets this apart from the rest is its smartly self-optimize power and temperature during its use as it has 4 temperature settings with lip and motion sensing and auto cooling technology features, with unique features of one button operations make easy use with less maintenance. PAX 2 features with magnetic USB charging dock efficiently heating up in less than one minute.


This unique vaporizer is designed to be user friendly for easy to operate and use. Start the Vaporizer only when it is fully charged. First remove the magnetic oven lid and then fill finely crushed fragrant mixtures into the oven chamber. Now place the magnetic oven lid and press the top button which is located inside the mouthpiece to on power. The heating will start when purple LED will turn on. To enter temperature mode, hold the top button for 2-3 seconds to change the temperature settings to set the preferred temperature.

Now again press the top button to complete the cycle of the temperatures. LEDs on PAX 2 vaporizer show the relevant operations. Green LED shows ready to draw and purple LED shows the heating is going on. When the device is not in use, auto – motion sensing features sense the motion and put device in standby mode or put auto shut off the device which helps to save battery life. With a very fast charge time within 2 -3 hours by magnetic USB charger. Ten Cleaner tools and a bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol is shipping with your device vaporizer box only for cleaning purpose. PAX 2 is precision device so need regular cleaning after use, it also comes with a 10 years warranty!

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