How to clean Pax 2 vaporizer

cleaning pax portable vaporizersKeeping your Pax 2 clean is of the utmost importance, To clean your vape goes a long way in the lifespan of your device and the quality of your experience. Health should also present itself as a key concern. A regularly cleaned and maintained investment will help to stave off numerous health risks and device irregularities. It’s important to remember that the majority of device failures and malfunctions can be easily avoided by regular cleaning and maintenance. Below you will find listed all the steps and instructions needed to smartly and thoroughly clean your Pax.

Cleaning The Mouthpiece:

Push down on the Pax 2 mouthpiece until it shows in the ON position. Carefully pull on the mouthpiece until it has been removed. Thoroughly clean off and wipe down your mouthpiece with a sanitizing agent. Using a pipe cleaner coated in isopropyl alcohol clean the inside of the stem and mouthpiece. For best use and integrity always allow the mouthpiece to dry fully before applying lubricant and re-attaching to your device.

Cleaning Vapor Pathway and Oven:

Pax Vaporizer Concentrate Chamber

If your device was in use recently allow time for the device to cool down before proceeding to clean. Begin my removing the mouthpiece and placing it aside. Remove the oven lid and begin by using a pipe cleaner that has been moistened with isopropyl alcohol. Enter from the direction of the mouthpiece until the oven screen pops out. Now with a Q-Tip covered in isopropyl alcohol swab the inside of the oven area and screen and then allow ample time for it to dry.

Cleaning The Oven Lid:

Do not soak the oven lid in water or any other liquid. Use an Alcohol Wipe or Q-Tip to thoroughly wipe down and clean the oven lid. Give the oven lid and screen ample time to dry before reassembling your Pax 2 device.

Your Pax 2 is precious and important investment. It’s of the utmost importance to clean, lubricate, and maintain the device on a regular basis. Aim for a thorough cleaning every 5 to 10 uses.

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