Hidden vaporizer Features

You may love your Pax 2 vaporizer, but there’s even more to love once you found out about the PAX 2 Hidden Features. The creators of this power house have included some fun Easter Eggs as well as other great games that users will delight in discovering and using!

pax 2 dry herb vaporizersEvery Pax 2 has the potential for hidden games. One of these features that may come with your portable device is the Simon game! The Simon game is where lights come on and you have to repeat the sequence to win. There are multiple levels to beat. If you beat the game at level 20, you can unlock the song “Funkytown”. Listen to it by shaking your Pax 2 and putting it to your ear! If you beat the Simon game all the way up to level 40, then you can unlock a new color scheme! Pretty cool, huh?

To activate the Simon Mode, hold your Pax 2 in both hands, horizontally. then twist it until all of the 4 LEDs flash white. They’ll flash white 4 times and then an LED sequence will appear. Tilt it to light the LEDs in the same sequence that appears. If you’re right, the LEDs will flash white. If you’re wrong, the LEDs flash red!

Other Pax 2 vape hidden features? You can get to a ‘sweeping lights’ mode by changing the direction that you spin your Pax in your hand. (Get to Simon by spinning it away from you until the lights blink white 3 times.)

Also, if you shake your Pax 2, it will show you how much battery life you have. You can set your vaporizer to Party Mode, where the lights alternate colors as you vaporize for a club-like experience! You can also go into Party Timer, where the lights jump into random light configurations! Or access Light Painting, where the lights are the same color and move through colors while your vape is in use. Lastly, Color Carousel will let you see lights that react to your device movement and position, blue when flat, orange when facedown, and cycling colors when upright and given a circular shake.

This is already a great model, but the games and hidden features make it even more desirable! Now you can have all the practicality of a great vaporizer and some neat features and games as well. Check out your Pax 2 and see what this top of the line vaporizer has waiting for you!

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